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Celebrate Mother’s day with Prestat




To all those mothers who live far away from us and every time you FaceTime them their face lights as bright as the moon on a cloudless night.

To all those mothers who instead live close by, whose presence we might take for granted and only sometimes we get to realise how that is such a gift.

To all those mothers who value their career as much as their families and they set the example for the younger generations of women out there.

To all those mothers who decided to take care of their families as a full time job to give us the serenity of an ever-warm nest.

To all those mothers who this year are mums-to-be and cannot wait any longer to hold their child in their arms.

To all those mothers who are not with us anymore but they keep on living in our hearts and memories.

To all mums in the world, thank you for the biggest gifts of all: life and love!


Celebrate this year Mother’s day with some amazing Prestat chocolate no matter what they prefer: darkmilkwhite or ruby chocolate; we got you covered!

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