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Perfect for Sharing!




Prestat’s new mini truffle sharing boxes:

What could be more perfect than perfectly delicious mini truffles, designed to be deviously perfect for sharing?

Scrumptious and glorious, devised by the team that is inspired daily by our founders, the Dufour family, who in 1895 created the world’s first recipe for the chocolate truffle.

These delightful recipes combining firm family favourites with Prestat’s typically splendid award winning reputation for innovation.

Our development gurus all think mini truffles, easy to pop in the mouth, one, two or even three at a time, are the ultimate crafted indulgence. With up to 40 truffles in the larger round drum boxes and 20 truffles in the smaller, there are plenty to share whilst still being competitive about getting your favourite first.

Happy Sharing!

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