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The Ruby Experience




Ruby chocolate has been out in the world for a couple of months now. Prestat’s Ruby range is available in major retailers such as Liberty, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and John Lewis where we have been sampling our Ruby chocolates.

We have enjoyed experiencing first hand people curiosity and reactions while tasting the fourth kind of chocolate on earth. The feedback from all of you has been great, though one of your most popular comments made us twitch a little: “Oh but is it white chocolate then?”

Let me tell you straightaway: it is not! Ruby chocolate is a brand new chocolate on its own. Made with specific botanical cocoa beans, Ruby is born with a unique and natural pink hue without having to add any colourants and fruit flavourings. In its chocolates, Prestat is using a premium ruby blend with a high cocoa content of 46%.

Although it may at first taste as sweet as white chocolate, if you let it linger in your mouth a bit longer you will soon realise how different it actually is and when finally its sour fruitiness kicks in… voila’! Mother Nature has blessed you with a complete new chocolate experience which is actually quite hard to explain in plain words but it is indeed full of sensorial depth.

Overall, Ruby chocolate with its distinctive colour seems to be addressed to a younger generation but it is not only a new millennial trend, foodies of all ages cannot get enough of snapping shots of their Ruby bars and thins before and during indulging in it.

What not many people are yet to discover is its versatility in the kitchen. With the help of our friend chef Tara Guinness, we have come up with some delicious combinations to make these said foodies go nuts and break the Internet.

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