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Ruby revelation in John Lewis stores




Ruby Chocolate ThinsEver since Prestat’s founder, Antoine Dufour, invented the world’s first chocolate truffle in 1895, the chocolatier to Her Majesty The Queen has been at the forefront of innovation. It was the first to introduce Sea Salt Caramel Truffles and London Gin Truffles to the market, as well as all sorts of other award-winning delights, so it is only fitting that Prestat is leading the way in creating Ruby Chocolate in its purest and finest form.

What is Ruby chocolate?

Ruby is the newest addition to the world of chocolate. The ground-breaking new chocolate is made with sustainably sourced Ruby cocoa beans, specially selected for their exceptional colour and natural forest fruit flavours. With a surprisingly high 46% cocoa content, Prestat’s Ruby Chocolate has a wonderful freshness and a slight sourness which offsets its sweetness.

Prestat is set to give many British people their first chance to taste gourmet Ruby Chocolate and experience just how different it is to dark, milk or white chocolate- in its purest and finest form.

New products

Prestat has created a 25g and 70g Ruby Chocolate Bar, a box of Ruby Chocolate Thins, Ruby Chocolate Marc de Champagne Cocoa Pod Truffles, Ruby Chocolate Fruit & Nut Discs as well as Ruby Hot Chocolate Flakes- to make the ultimate hot chocolate.

The range’s sensational packaging is a completely new interpretation of Prestat’s trademark colours- pink and blue with gold notes, reflecting the fact that Ruby Chocolate is genuinely a taste apart. The eye-catching packaging has been designed especially for the range by the painter and cutting-edge costume designer, Storm Athill.

Coming soon

We have a surprise for our customers; some new Ruby Chocolate recipes have been developed so that you can experiment from your own kitchen.

Check out what Nick Crean, co-owner and MD of Prestat, has to say about our newest products:

‘You have to taste Ruby Chocolate to understand what all the fuss is about. Its natural fruitiness and exceptional smoothness go beyond the usual range of tastes associated with chocolate. Although we hope that everyone who enjoys the finer things in life gets to experience how Ruby Chocolate’s sweetness and fruitiness is balanced by a slight but tantalising sourness, the new packaging, designed by Storm Athill, is particularly aimed at younger foodies.’

You can find the new products from this weekend in all John Lewis stores around the country.


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