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Chocolate week 2018




Chocoholics of the UK, gather round!

Here comes the most exciting time of the year… Chocolate Week 2018!

We could tell you just how good chocolate (especially dark chocolate), is for your ‘joie de vivre’ but the truth we have learnt here at Prestat headquarters is that more importantly chocolate is good for your soul.

Chocolate is a treat for you and your loved ones and it holds a wonderful power to put a smile on anyone’s face. Have you ever given chocolate, regardless of size or flavour, to a person you love or to a colleague who is having a bad day? If so, you definitely know what we are talking about… That radiant smile and bliss that emerges from within, is worth it more than any thank you said out loud. What’s even more incredible is that this simple act of ‘chocolate-giving’ can not only make the recipient smile but also the giver too.

Prestat would like to help you give some chocolate away in return for smiles that fill hearts by offering a special discount on one of our signature truffles, until Sunday.

Our moreish Red Velvet Truffles will be on 20% discount exclusively on our website to treat whoever you want (that includes yourself) during Chocolate Week.

Happy Chocolate week, everyone!

With love,

The Prestat Team

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