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Happy Father’s Day




Many fathers love chocolate as much as prancing around in nothing more than a soft fluffy towel down the gym.

Gym makes many fathers feel that they can indulge a little more in one of life’s great and relatively harmless pleasures chocolates.

And, of course they are right. As clever fathers know, Prestat’s chocolate have been enjoyed by royalty and nobility, by stars of stage and screen and even by their favourite sports personalities for some 120 years. 

Roald Dahl was a father and he wrote “ I do so adore chocolate truffles as Prestat makes them “.  He probably enjoyed them secretly in his old garden writing shed, (another favourite father indulgence).

If that isn’t a Father’s Day hint what is?

Get shopping Gin Truffles, Sea Salt Caramel, Earl Grey and so many more…….Prestat for Papa’s everywhere.

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