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Christmas at Prestat




“If there ever was a time of year that provokes memories it is Christmas.

At Prestat, my brother and I like to think that we are the chocolate shop that reminds people of their childhood.

Our grandmother was the controller of the giant chocolate box that sat on a card table in the bay window of her sunny Sussex drawing room. It was a huge cushioned ‘theatre’ style box, as they were then called. Tightly packed with rose and violet cremes, sweet cornish fudges, exotic chocolate covered nuts from Brazil, milk chocolate caramel cups, glorious ganaches and magical marzipans (which the grown-ups seemed to like anyway), raspberry bonbons and zesty lime cups, Jamaican rum chocolates and nougat Montelimars, the finest champagne truffles, many wrapped in different coloured foils catching the light of the burning logs in the high mantled fireplace.

One by one Granny called her numerous grandchildren to choose their favourite chocolate. There was certainly no peeping at the second layer until the first was finished. Summoned by descending age, dressed in our smart red Christmas shorts, or long grey flannels for the elder ones, we queued eagerly by Granny’s great tapestry covered chair waiting for her invitation to approach the magical, mouthwatering assortment. However…….

The great Christmas lesson to learn is never tell your elder brothers or sisters which your favourite chocolate is because “just for fun” they are bound to choose the very one you have had your eye on…….leaving the mushy green one just for you!

Families enjoy games, siblings in our family liked to tease each other, of course with affection, and no more so than at Christmas. Memories are long.

Christmas Peace and Joy, Chocolates and Truffles with Love….

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