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Our Friends

Here are some interesting sites of people and companies that we love buying from:

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Our elegant and gorgeous concession dominates the Chocolate Hall.  Always busy, always part of the real London experience.

Some of our best friends in the business. The John Lewis Group with its legendary focus on people and partnership, was an early supporter of Prestat. An exciting range of our chocolates are available with some exclusive chocolate bars being launched in the Spring.

One of London’s most eclectic stores, perfect for presents and carrying a wonderful range of chocolates in their beautiful chocolate shop

Founded by in 1909, some 7 years after Prestat, Selfridges was for many years our neighbour when our business was in South Molten Street. Beautiful food halls and full of our lovely chocolates too

Our iconic pink and blue Jewel Box assortment stands out boldly on the shelves of this top supermarket. In the holidays season, our Easter Eggs may sit closely to our legendary Rose and Violet Cremes wresting for space with our Award Winning Sea Salt Caramels.

Recently awarded Prestat, supplier of the year. The home for all that is good and scrumptious about English produce.

Prestat’s much loved and highly respected designer. Artist, designer and let’s face it “A who is Kitty” competition would be full of hours and fun and mischievous anecdote.

One of the most referred and oldest luxurious fragrances companies in the world and its beautiful shop is very close to us in Jermyn Street.

Lulu is a very good friend of Prestat’s and even came with us to New York and the VIP Celebrity at the launch of our business there. Check out her site for unique, glamorous British handbags, clutches, purses & accessories.

Possibly, well at least we think so, the most beautiful flowers in London. Flowers to love, laugh, celebrate, commiserate or seduce by. Completely wonderful.

The UK’s leading specialist online mail order company for flowers. They’re really nice people, too!.

USA Friends in America include:

David Porat, the owner, of this distinctive emporium of gourmet foods, gift baskets and food hampers featuring imported foods from Europe and local specialties was the first person to import Prestat into the USA and remains our key distributor.

5th Avenue’s world famous, world class, girlie paradise. One of our best American friends and the host of our first ever Valentine’s Pop Up in the USA.

Gourmet food providers to the Lone Star State. 11 stores of complete bliss and utter foodie heaven. Prestat is proud to be on those shelves.

We were founded in 1902 in london by chocolatier antoine dufour.


More than a century later we still hand-craft all of our chocolates.