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Chocolate Recipes

Chocolate Recipes - Cooking With Chocolate

Here is a list of some of our favourite chocolate recipes and ways to cook with our delicious Prestat chocolate. We hope you enjoy them all (but not all at once)!

Please bookmark this page as we'll be adding new recipes throughout the year.

Sweet Chocolate Recipes:

No Bake Chocolate Cake Recipe (serves 8)

Chocolate fruit fondue recipe - make chocolate and fruit fondue

Chocolate brownies recipe - make perfect chocolate brownies

Frozen Chocolate mousse recipe - make chocolate mousse

Chocolate soufflé recipe - make a chocolate soufflé

Delicious hot chocolate sauce recipe - make hot chocolate sauce

Chocolate cornflake cake recipes - make chocolate cornflake cakes

Savoury Chocolate Recipes for the more daring cooks:

Spicy chicken in chocolate sauce recipe - make spicy chicken in chocolate sauce 

Chocolate chili con carne recipe - make chocolate chili con carne 

Braised beef in walnut, chili and chocolate sauce recipe - make braised beef in walnut, chili and chocolate sauce

If you have any chocolate recipes sweet or savoury that you'd love to share then please email them to customer@prestat.co.uk

We were founded in 1902 in london by chocolatier antoine dufour.


More than a century later we still hand-craft all of our chocolates.