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  • Prestat at Heal’s



    196 Tottenham Court Road is a legendary address for people who appreciate design and craft. It is the home of Heal and Sons Ltd, known to us simply as Heal’s. It has been trading at this address since 1818 with the beautiful ethos that “Nothing Needs Be Ugly”. How true to their word they have [...]

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  • Double, double, toil and trouble – It’s Halloween!!!



    Halloween night: Wicked witches take to the air, haunted houses creak and rattle in the still night air, hollow skulls smile and wink, and the night is full of hissing kitties’s screams. Glowing pumpkins stare down the village green, naughty children ‘trick or treat’, the child-catcher swings his huge net hoping to catch a chocolate [...]

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  • Christmas at Prestat



    “If there ever was a time of year that provokes memories it is Christmas. At Prestat, my brother and I like to think that we are the chocolate shop that reminds people of their childhood. Our grandmother was the controller of the giant chocolate box that sat on a card table in the bay window [...]

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