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Happy Father’s Day




Father’s Day celebrates fatherhood and all the father figures in our lives that help make our lives better. They love you, you love them. They pick you up when life falls down, so let’s pick up something very special for him now!

Whether you are near or far from home, put a smile on his face with a sweet surprise from Prestat.

Prestat’s Sharing drums are the best to celebrate his big day all together with the family at the end of a Spring Sunday roast at the pub. It gets even better… we are offering them at 20% off for this special occasion. Often you cannot resist the temptation and one mini truffle leads to the next one very quickly, so make sure to get the bigger size up!

For the cool Dad who does not share his food very easily, the London Gin truffles are the gift you are looking for. A white chocolate shell unveils a beautifully balanced dark chocolate ganache infused with London Gin, lemon juice and juniper and we added some popping candies on top to really give you the sensation of a Gin tonic cocktail!

This week don’t forget to purchase his gift either online or pop in our Prestat shop in 14 Princes Arcade.

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