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St. Valentine’s Day




Whilst Valentine’s Day is recognised the world over as a time of courtship and love, very little is known about St. Valentine himself after whom the day is named. Was he a great lover like Casanova? Almost certainly, not, although there is a one in three chance as there are three Saint Valentines! One was a Italian priest, another an Italian bishop and the third of whom nothing is known about the other than he lived in North Africa.

The association with love comes from a story that one or more of these competing St. Valentine’s secretly married couples against the express orders of the emperor of the time. In other words, he paid with his life for services to love.

With chocolate being the food of love, which chocolate might any one of the St. Valentine’s have favoured? If in doubt, a Prestat Heart Assortment is in order. Otherwise celebrate the great day with the new Prestat Sea Salt Caramel Truffle  Heart Box or indulge yourself with a Prestat Pink Marc de Champagne Truffle Box.

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