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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


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On one Sunday of the year we celebrate the person without whom none of our lives would be possible. She’s the one who wiped our nose, kissed our bruises, brushed our tangled hair, sang us songs, read us stories, nursed us through illness, cooked our meals, stood at the school gates, taught us to say sorry and thank you, assured us as we opened our exam results, hid her tears when we went off on foreign travels without a backward glance.

Mother's Day Hamper

She’s the one who remembered our birthdays, cheered our successes and soothed our disasters, so on this day, it is our chance to say thank her. Give her a treat; give her our delicious, spoiling Pink Marc de Champ Truffles & Rose & Violet Creams. Mother’s Day gift ideas from Prestat define love: Love from a daughter to her mother; love from even the most prodigal of sons, and love from Prestat, to that special woman in your lives.


From the Sweetest Mother in the World hamper to our famous London Gin Truffles, Prestat’s Mother’s Day gift ideas say one thing: ‘Thanks mum, with love.’


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