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Father’s Day Treats




Until recently, Father’s Day is often seen as the poor relation of Mother’s Day, perhaps because flowers and cards might be seen as too soppy for that exotic creature who can so often glimpsed like a rare animal somewhere in the garden or garage: hands in pockets, tongue between teeth, shirt collar slightly askew staring down at an instruction manual as if it were the Rosetta Stone.

This curious creature deserves our love every day of the year, but on June 21st, we like to make him blush with gifts that say, Dad! You are a brick.  If you haven’t made a plan already, try to see him on that day.

Last year a friend’s mother decided she wanted to gather her two children to honour him on the day, but had been met with indifference. Unperturbed, she waited  until just before the weekend of 21st & then rang again.

‘Max, I’m leaving your father’ she announced matter of factly, ‘Twenty three years of his strange habits is more than enough.’

‘Mum, have you lost your mind?’ her son gasped. ‘You have a great marriage!’

‘No, no, I’m sick of the sight of him. Have you seen the faces he pulls as he reverses?  I’ve got a lot of packing to do, so call your sister and let her know.’

Frantic, Max calls his sister.  She too freaks out and calls home immediately. “You are NOT getting divorced!’ she thunders, ‘I’m calling Max back, and we’ll both be there this evening. Until then, don’t do a thing, YOU HEAR ME?”

Their mother hangs up and turns to her husband. “Okay,’ she says, ‘they’re coming.  Could you brush the rust off the barbecue, darling?’

And if you don’t know what to give your father, why not electrify him with our London Gin Truffles or drive him bananas with our iconic Banoffee Truffles or treat the old sea dog to our award winning Sea Salt Truffles.



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