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If there’s one thing we’ve learnt as self-professed chocolate addicts, it’s that the opportunity to indulge is everywhere (or rather should be). Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, there’s always an excuse to nibble on a bar, or pop a truffle in your chops. But every so often - and even for the most dedicated of chocolate-loving specimens - it can all feel rather gluttonous, and the stomach starts to crave something, well, lighter. Are we right?

Yes. Whoever the Dickens preached that variety was the spice of life, was clearly referring to our gastronomic pursuits. Clearly.

So, let us acquaint you with our wafer thins. Wonderfully light, airy and altogether scrumptious…one’s enough to satisfy the greedy chocolate demon sitting on your shoulder (and a subsequent two and three, plenty to retire him entirely for an afternoon). Hooray! Enjoyable too, it’s a true case of quality-over-quantity here, as the thinner the chocolate, the more easily it melts in the mouth… Yum!

And ever committed to promoting total chocolate happiness, us, we’ve dreamed up all the instances you’ll be able to eat them too. See, we weren’t deceiving you – there really is always an excuse to indulge…

(Oh, you’re very welcome)

The Midnight Hour

e feeling giddy on life (read: tipsy). Your inebriated bedtime routine should go something like this…kick off shoes…locate thins…devour…hide the evidence…fall into bed, and drift into a deep, delirious sleep. Zzz…

Posh Picnics
Move over chips ‘n dips, there’s a far superior shareable in town…wafer thins! There’s no need to wait patiently a-top your picnic rug for desert – oh no! Skip the supermarket-bought salads and quiches, dive right in and EAT THEM. (Wait. Perhaps olives should still be allowed? And Gin).

Nana’s Tea Party

A visit to Nan’s wouldn’t be complete without a gift in hand. And it’s got to be edible (that, we stress). Failing to be homemade by domestic dab-hand, you (pah!) then it’s got to be wildly delicious, at the very least. Luckily, are wafer thins are just that. And they go perfectly with a cup of tea.

Lunchbox Titbit
Whether you’re fashioning a lunch for work or play, pop a few thins in for after the savoury stuff. Come 3pm, make your excuses, nip off to make a cuppa and revel in dunking these moreish treats in one by one. Me-time at its best.


Naturally we’ve saved the best chocolate eating opportunity ’til last. On a leisurely afternoon, take a clean surface and 2 boxes of wafer thins (one milk, one white chocolate), for, wait for it…a game of Checkers! Never will your desire to win be so strong, with chocolate literally on the table, and EVERYTHING to play for.

So all that’s left for us to do, is to introduce you to our new addition to the Prestat wafer clan: Orange and Cardomom Chai Thins. A super Summer concoction of orange infused chocolate, with a shimmer of fragrant cardomom and chai spices. Intriguingly sweet and spicy, you really must give them a go…


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