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Real Chocolate Eggs? I say!




It’s difficult sometimes, being in a Chocolate Factory. It makes the question of what makes Easter special to us difficult to answer without sounding bias.

On the other hand, when asked what makes Easter special to us – we can most certainly say that Chocolate is a significant part, especially when we’ve spent the time putting together our sumptuous Easter Hampers , comprised of various joyful eggs and chocolate bunnies (the only way to get them online!)Tilly Prestat Hamper

We’re also rather proud (if we do say so ourselves) of our ‘eggscellent’ new inventions - the real chocolate egg. These delightful entities combine your favourite childhood memories of egg painting with the always exciting prospect of cracking open an egg and finding actual, real chocolate inside; in our case, a delicious hazelnut truffle. What a way to spend Easter Sunday!

If you would rather stick the the traditional (and let’s be honest, larger) version of an Easter Egg, then we have a perfectly formed selection. It’s almost as if we’ve got the goose that laid the golden egg’s better cousin! You have a choice of the classic Milk or Dark chocolate eggs, or if you fancy pushing the boat out a little bit we have the decadent ‘Marc de Champagne’ Truffle egg, and for the Prestat fans amongst you, our much loved  Rose & Creme truffles, magicked into a spring offering!

Finally, if you’re planning an Easter Treasure hunt, look no further than our Card Eggs, brightly coloured to catch the eye, and filled with some of our delicious truffles.

Easter is a special time of year – everyone has their own reason for celebrating it – we hope you will enjoy celebrating yours, with some of our chocolate.

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