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Prestat Wedding Favours




Global warming has many negatives, and merrily, one upside- the heat of the summer to come. It shall be a klaxon call to all: have a summer wedding! For anyone getting married this year, Prestat has some luxury extras to ensure your day will be remembered for decades to come, from how beautiful the bride looked, to how delectable the Prestat treats tasted.

Jewel Box Prestat

A Prestat wedding favour in the form of our mini Jewel Box will brighten up the lives of anyone who attends your big day. A shocking pink, perhaps symbolic of the blushing bride, contains four of our hand-made truffles, each with its own sumptuous unique flavour. Taste blind and be wowed.

The Prestat Union Jack Box is equally delicious on the inside, but retains a distinctly British exterior. Show your pride in our country, and by extension your pride in your guests, with a box designed to instil patriotic vigour into your soul! Designed by the inimitable Kitty Arden, ensure you keep your box to fill with trinkets.

Of course, with weddings now being the preserve of lovers, having shaken off feudal-era shackles, we have our Heart Assortment Box; again equal to the others in taste, different in its focus on the point of your wedding: LOVE.

No wedding table will be complete without Prestat’s touch of chocolaty luxury of course, and our ballotins containing both Marc de Champagne Truffles and Mini Dark Sea Salt Caramel truffles will add sophistication and class to any celebration.

From all here at Prestat, may wedded bliss enchant you for years to come!

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