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There are fewer delights during the festive season, than a stocking full of goodies waiting at the foot of your bed on Christmas Eve. As a young’un, it’s the most glorious sign of all that Father Christmas has identified YOU – golly gosh! – as a well mannered, good natured boy or girl (for another year, at least). How wonderful!

And while, as adults, it’s all a bit of a farce – the big fella in red, we mean – there’s still something magical about receiving a Christmas stocking. Because, just like Peter Pan, aren’t we all really children at heart?

It seems nonsensical to us, then, that Christmas spirited teens and adults would be denied a stocking altogether. But it happens! We’ve heard the rumours!

Listen up Mothers, Fathers…and Lovers – we’re talking to you. While they may no longer be hankering after the stocking fillers of their formative years, trust us – they will be grateful for a sack full of truly luxurious chocolates.

Forget scouring the supermarket aisles for oranges, candy canes and other assorted Christmas nick nacks – yes, rest your weary legs, and have their Christmas stocking sorted in one easy swoop. We’ve played Santa for you, and filled thousands upon thousands of stocking shaped chocolate boxes full of delectable, edible delights. No fillers required, here – a Prestat Christmas stocking will spread festive cheer. And then some!

You have just one thing to decide – which chocolate stocking they’ll like best.

If that way inclined, you can spoil them with our giant stocking – housing no less than twelve mouthwateringly tasty and hand-crafted truffles, in an assortment of Prestat’s finest flavours.

Or, you may prefer to take a different tack. For a token stocking they’ll treasure like no other, gift our miniature stockings in Dark Sea Salt and Caramel, Hazelnut Praline or our truly magnificent Marc de Champagne one. And dare we suggest you double up, and give them two? Gifted together, two minis are certain to be the most welcome pair of socks they’re sure to receive this year…

Whichever you plump for – the supersize, or the sweet and dinky – leave theirs by the fireplace or nestled in the branches of their Yuletide tree, for them to discover come Christmas morning.

(…And then when they offer you the most indulgent artisan truffle, from their Prestat stocking, to ever pass your lips, you can tell us you won’t be giving stockings next year if you really must…)

Shop Prestat Christmas Stockings.

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