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Prestat does Wedding Favours (and rather fun party games too)




Jewel Box PrestatWith wedding season in full swing, yours might be just around the corner – and while you’ll have secured the venue a million moons ago, and bought your dress in (what felt like) another lifetime, can you be sure that you’ve sorted all the small stuff? We’re talking wedding favours. Because, you see, our little boxes of Prestat chocs are perfect for the occasion.

Opt for Mini Pink Marc de Champagne or Dark Sea Salt truffles, for just £2 to delight your wedding guests with at the wedding breakfast, or our beautiful Heart Assortment or Jewel Boxes.

And while a well-chosen wedding favour is sure to make the table look inviting, and perfectly compliment your colour scheme too (the Pink Marc de Champagne truffles do look positively dashing against a smattering of light pink roses), they can serve an entirely different purpose. What if those sweet boxes of chocolates were central to the table’s entertainment, the very thing that bonded ten virtual strangers together? Traditional dinner party games can be a little fuddy duddy, and often require a bank of props to be played, but for ours, your guests need only a box of Prestat each…

So, after they’ve watched your Pa and Hubby make their toasts, and the Best Man deliver a rip-roaring speech, it’s time to get them acquainted over dinner…neighbouring Great Aunt Daphne and friend-of-the-groom Frank, life-and-soul-of-the-party Jackie and her, now, ex-husband Mark. Yes, break the ice and encourage the chatter with a light-hearted party game.
Here’s a handful that might tickle your fancy – simply add Prestat.


Weird & Wonderful Me

Assign each wedding guest a phrase in their box of Prestat chocolates – these should be random and nonsensical things, like ‘scorpions can live as long as a human being’ or ‘did you know that snoring is a proven sign of affection?’, that each person is then tasked to weave into conversation. If a guest notices that you’ve spent your assigned phrase, then you’re out, and if you can use it undetected, you win! It’s as simple as that.
Bet You Didn’t Know…

Guests scribbles down a little known fact about themselves, and pop it in their Prestat box. These can be anything from ’someone once told me that I had lovely ears’ to ‘I first tasted Camembert on my 45th birthday’. Scramble the boxes around so that each person has someone else’s in front of them, to read aloud and guess who it belongs to. The winner is the one that can deceive their neighbours!

Guess the Adverb

Hide each guest an adverb in their box of chocolates – ‘joyfully’, ‘lazily’, ‘gloomily’ – and so on. For the next 10 minutes, or so, everything you do must be in the spirit of your given adverb. Aside from engaging in conversation, your guests may choose scenarios to act out, like tying the knot (topical!), or fashioning a cocktail…in the style of the given adverb, of course. This one’s not so much about the winning or losing, but all in the fun of guessing.

…And once the games are over – bonus! Your guests can sit back and enjoy their Prestat chocolates.

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