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Patriotic Prestat! The Great British Summer Awaits.




Union JackWe have a somewhat unreliable sporting record here in Britain, it would be fair to say. Don’t get us wrong, there have been some glorious wins…Bradley Wiggins and the 2012 Tour de France, Super Saturday! Murray taking Wimbledon last summer. Wilkinson and his game-changing drop-kick that made the 2003 Rugby World Cup victory ours. Remember? But let’s not be get too carried away- there have been some spectacular flops too. Need we mention this year’s World Cup?

But while pride in our sporting achievements should be peppered, our belief and spirit in the country’s greatest sportsmen fails to waver. Well, at least not at the start, anyhow. Anything that affords the opportunity for some casual flag waving? We’re there. Any excuse to dole out the red, white and blue? Sold, we’re celebrating (read: Union Jack chocolates please! Thank you, kindly).

And so, with some sizeable hunks of sport in the calendar this Summer; Wimbledon, The British Grand Prix, The World Cup (oh, wait…), there’s no better excuse to pass

Prestat London Gin Truffles

round a box of Britain’s best.

So, as you come together with friends and family to watch Hamilton take Rosberg on the home straight at Silverstone,(someone has to win something, right?!) mark the moment with a Great British box of chocolates. Our Union Jack and London assortments will act as the perfect side to your strawberries and cream, and goodness, our London Gin truffles really are exquisite with a refreshing glass of your favourite tipple.

It might not be a summer as spectacular as 2012 - when Britain, collectively joyful from the Queen’s Jubilee, enjoyed those blissful weeks when the Olympics came to town – it’s too soon to say. But we’ll be damned if we won’t try to recreate that feeling again. And hey, if Murray gets unlucky on Centre Court, and Hamilton retires on home turf, then a few well-chosen chocolates will help to take the edge off a sour sporting moment.

So without further ado, the Great British chocolate boxes the nation needs you to try (and we’re mighty certain you’ll enjoy too)…


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