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We’re excited. This month is soon to become awash with colour, costumes and occasion with the Festival of Light, Diwali and Paegan date Halloween on our doorstep. Oh yes!

The tea lights, the lanterns: mesmerising, but what we relish the most – because it’s part of who we are – is the colour! The decadent reds and oranges, vivid purples and blues of of the Hindu festival, that we adore. Just peruse our shop front, and you’ll see what we mean.

So how to mark the occasion? Well, in keeping with the lavishness of traditional Diwali gifts, you simply must give your friends and family a thing of opulence. Our Truffles and Troofles Hamper should do it! An indulgent trio of our most delectable artisan truffle boxes – London Gin, Red Velvet and Black Forest Gateau. Or how about a phenomenally luxurious Wow, Wow, Wow Hamper for all to share over the five day festival? It’s nothing short of Pure. Chocolate. Heaven.

And Halloween then? Yes – what better opportunity to devour all things orange. No, no, we’re not meaning pumpkins (although, heck, they’re delicious in a warming soup or pie), but rather the zingy colour and spicy flavour of orange itself…because you know they go wonderfully well with chocolate, don’t you?

If you’ve yet to try our orange-infused chocolate treats, then you simply must! There are few things more (err..) moorish, than Prestat Orange and Cardamom Thins…beautifully aromatic…sweet…intriguingly spicy… Take it from us – they’re just, yum! Dunk them in a cup of tea, one by one, and life as you know it, will never be the same again. So if you’re a fan – and why wouldn’t you be? – then you’re sure to devour our Milk Chocolate, Orange and Cardamom Chai Bar in a heartbeat too! Coming soon to Prestat…

Granted, chocolate isn’t particularly spooky – and certainly not grotesque in any way…goodness! – but keep that Halloween fancy dress party in full swing until midnight, and you have our permission to make a cuppa…of our Midnight Hot Chocolate Flakes, that is. Imagine that! Ghouls, devils and witches all gathered around the kitchen table in the bewitching hour, clutching at a hot cocoa. Now that’s something worth seeing!

Discover our bold tastes, big flavours and enchanting collection of chocolates, online…

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