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My Funny Valentine




Be My Funny Valentine Prestat Hamper is seen by many as the most romantic time of year. The joy of Christmas has passed, yet the weather remains bitter. The credit card bills arrived mere weeks before, and made a welcome addition to the logs on the fire, yet still the frost permeates the soul. The Prestat boxes are forlornly empty of chocolate, decorative remnants of delight spent.

Warmth must thus be acquired elsewhere. If asked to think of what makes one warm and fuzzy, is it not one’s partner who springs to mind? Someone to snuggle close to, to whisper sweet nothings to, to warm the feet in a crisp bed. Laughter heats the soul, just like chocolate heals it. Valentine’s Day could not therefore, arrive at a better time.

Surprised laughter, delighted squeals and melting coos harmonise to form a cacophony of pleasure with the right choice of Valentine’s gift. A sure-fire way to ensure a blissfully warm Valentines, is of course to turn to the finest purveyors of luxury chocolate there is: Prestat.

Our special Valentine’s Heart Assortment boxes come in shocking pink- the perfect colour to throw off the shackles of winter, and to add a splash of colour to your abode when all is grey above it. In each heart-shaped box exists an array of truffles, chocolates, nuts and caramel, each delectable in its own way.

The chocolate is thick and luxurious, with a high cocoa content and a smooth finish. The truffles, such as our renowned Marc de Champagne Truffle, brim with celebratory flavours. Honey, ginger, pomegranate, frankincense, orange, blackcurrant, key lime- each throws its culinary weight into tantalising the taste buds. Each speaks of love. Lovingly crafted chocolates, lovingly-wrapped, lovingly packaged- how could such care not be transferrable between giver and givee?

Prestat Hearts AssortmentA gift of Prestat chocolates need not only be for a partner. We garner warmth from our families and friends. Treat your mother, treat an aunt, especially treat the singletons you know, who perhaps need assuring that they still matter, even when the world becomes obsessed with couples.

Yes, the way to ensure a satisfying warm Valentine’s Day is to treat your loved ones to love courtesy of a Heart Assortment Box.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Anthony Lewis- Binns.

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