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Hip-hip-hooray for the Commonwealth!




Here we are, a nation once again gripped by some rather mighty sporting moments. We’re talking about the spectacular Commonwealth Games, of course – this year held in ‘sunny (oh gosh, it actually is) Glasgow. All that national hope hanging on a thread, all those glittering records smashed, and, by golly, a lot of shiny medals awarded to the best of the best.

But let’s not get too carried away with it, eh?

Yes, yes the 400m sprint was a hoot, the butterfly race mind-bogglingly speedy, and crikey, can those athletes hurl a hammer extraordinarily far, but – NEWSFLASH - the games isn’t the only reason the Commonwealth is great. Oh no - us Prestat indulgers should be celebrating ye olde institution for an entirely different reason…it’s mouth-wateringly scrumptious assets!

Perhaps unbeknown to those who chomp and savour their way through our chocolates and sweet treats, it’s the ingredients (and beautiful blend of them), from our friends on faraway shores, that have inspired some of Prestat’s most delectable offerings.

So where to look to for a healthy dose of deliciousness?

…India! A Commonwealth nation since 1947, we’ve inherited a taste for the country’s rich spices, flair for flavour, and passion for creative, culinary sensations. Yes, some of our best-loved products just wouldn’t be, if it weren’t for India’s wonderful, natural ingredients.

It’s true! Tell us these tasty treats don’t tickle your taste buds?

The Maharajah’s Chai Hot Chocolate Flakes

If they’re fit for an Indian prince, then you’re sure to love them. An ancient recipe of chai spices, cardamom, cloves and ginger, blended with delicious chocolate – the Maharajah’s flakes make for a royally good cuppa. Close your eyes, take a sip, and be transported into a soothing, South Asian serenity.

Royal Sikkim Tea, Velvety Milk Chocolate Wafers
Is there a better combination than tea and chocolate, on this earth? We think not! These wafers are wonderfully scrummy, created using tea from the Sikkim Hills of Northern India. Mmm mmm. Why not double up, and brew a pot to dunk them in one by one?

Pink Everest, Equatorial Dark Chocolate with Pink Himalayan Salt

Our Pink Everest chocolate is mighty special, made from an ancient source of salt found nestled in the Himalayan mountains. And even better, it’s pink! The perfect accompaniment for our deliciously dark chocolate. You simply must try it.

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