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Happy Christmas, Hampers.


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Many years of experience (and, frankly, good old fashioned common sense) has taught us that it’s no use gifting chocolate lovers anything but their favourite delicacy. And lots of it! Trust us – nothing is more special than the stuff they love the most…in its droves.

Whether your lucky recipient is a devout Prestat enthusiast, or unknowingly awaiting the discovery of THE BEST CHOCOLATE ON EARTH, their praise and adoration for a Prestat Christmas Hamper will be the same. Glorious! (You should prepare yourself for some spontaneous swinging from the chandeliers).

Sure, you could comfortably gift a box of scrumptious artisan truffles to Great Aunt Jayne and she’d be over the moon – naturally – but what’s Christmas without a little gluttony, and a healthy dose of over-indulgence? Quite. A hamper it is then!

(In related news – you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve rubbished the age-old saying ‘quality over quantity’…because it’s quality and quantity that rings true here, dahling).

And whether you’re a sole gifter, or pooling your coinage to splurge with another, there’s simply no better gift for your cherished family and friends. From the spectacular to the luxurious, say Merry Christmas this year with a festive chocolate hamper.

Here! We’ll help you choose the right one for your special someone…

Our Christmas Decorations Hamper is designed for THE YOUNG’UN who’ll try anything once. Your sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, will be jumping to sample these festive favourites – think chocolate baubles, stocking boxes, lollies and pocket-sized bars. By gosh it’s good!

For THE FLUTTERING SOCIALITE it’s got to be our Christmas Moments Hamper, laden with midnight mass supplies, carol singing treats and Boxing Day indulgences. In short, there’ll be no fancy-free festive occasion when she’s got one in her hands.

For THE CULTURE VULTURE, with an equally sophisticated palette, only the finest works of chocolate will do. Yes – we’re talking tasty painterly bars and boxes of artisan truffles featuring Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh and more. You’ll find this wonderful curated collection in our Delicious Art – National Gallery Hamper. Divine!

My Film List Hamper is chocolate nirvana for EVERY FAMILY’S RESIDENT CRITIC. Whether they’re fond of an art house flick or Hollywood blockbuster, this collection of clue-laden chocs will suit them to a tee. It might be time to engage in a little gameplay, and see how their cinematic knowledge stacks up…

THE LIFE AND SOUL OF THE PARTY deserves nothing short of our Spreading Christmas Joy Hamper. Tasty truffles, mouth-wateringly dreamy hot chocolate flakes, sticky sweet florentines and more. What could possibly be more joyful to unwrap you ask? Well, nothing – actually.

For THE LA-DI-DAH ONE, friend or family, you simply must gift The Stately Hamper. A concoction of praline truffles, exquisite mince pies, and – ooh err – tea time frolics! (Of the chocolate bar kind, you understand). Oh yes – you’ll find all these famous Prestat fancies and more!

Discover our collection of Christmas Hampers.

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