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Gift your Pa some Prestat Chocs




Father's DaySet a reminder! It’s time to get a gift for old Pappa. Father’s Day is Sunday 15th June, for goodness sakes…and you know what happened last time. The last-minute dash to the shops? No thank you.

But don’t panic! Let’s think clearly about this…what should you delight your deserving dad with?
He’ll be gifted the obligatory bottles of ale, that’s for sure. Summer-weight socks? Almost definitely. And still not au fait with using iTunes, perhaps he’ll even be given a CD – cripes! …But chocolates? Chocolates, all for him? …Well, that is a treat. Because if you buy Prestat this Father’s Day, you must let him have them up all to himself. Promise yourself – as tempting as those delicious, little chocolates might be – that they’re 100%, categorically his. Not his to share, you understand, but firmly Property of Dad. You owe it to him. It’s a thanks-for-putting-up-with-me all those times I was horribly awful to you. (And, let’s be frank, he will notice if you sneak a few).
Now for the tricky bit – which chocolates to choose? We have chocolates for all kinds of fathers – you simply need to decide which yours is…<

Prestat Sea Salt Truffles

The Prankster

He’s the Pa who doesn’t take life too seriously. If he’s your old man, then you’ll have grown accustomed to the ache of the prolonged – and disabling – belly laugh. Yes, his ridiculous impressions of Basil Fawlty have that effect.

Buy him gooey, Sea Salt and Caramel Truffles – a grown-up chocolate for an unashamedly infantile man.

Mr Suave

By stark contrast, Mr Suave is cool, calm and collected. He likes to unwind of an evening, with exceptional conversation, excellent company and a spot of fine dining. If you can retrieve his birth certificate, you’ll be – likely – unsurprised to find Refinement as his rightful, middle name.

Buy him The Mint Box – zingy, fresh and original, just like his conversation.Prestat's Mint Box

The Last Man Standing

He’s the man that plays the youngsters at their own game: partying. Impressively, he’s still going as strong in his seventies as he was in his twenties…keep up if you dare. An eccentric soul that’ll celebrate anything and everything, in the upmost fashion.

Buy him Gin Truffles – a homage to a London Gin and Fizz cocktail, they’re a true delight to the senses.

The Homebody

If slippers are his shoes of choice, your Pa is a homebody. And why the heck not? His aperitif of choice is a cup of Earl Grey, and he’d rather be resting his feet in front of Q.I. than frequenting, well anywhere.

Buy him Matcha Green Tea Thins for a mid-afternoon treat – delicious, creamy white chocolate infused with a hint of citrus Bergamot oil.

Enjoy it, and buy now for Father’s Day – the 15th of June

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