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The End of Term is nigh.




It’s the time of year that kids love, and parents simultaneously dread…”holy moly, SIX weeks to keep them busy” we despair, for the umpteenth year running. Yes, we’re talking about that date, mid-July, that has been so ferociously encircled in felt tip marker by your little angel. Since September.

The End of Term is nigh. Hide!

Of course, we’re only (half) kidding…

But let’s spare a thought for the poor teacher that’s had thirty children to quieten, contain, control, oh yes…  teach for an entire school year. Frankly that deserve some recognition. A gift, surely, to mark their ensuing (albeit temporary) freedom from your delightful offspring:  a thank you for helping Jack master his 7x table, and Lucy pass her 11+.

Save from presenting them with a bottle of mid-caliber wine (and encouraging the kind of mild alcoholism that 30 bottles of vino gifted en mass inevitably does…*), how about saying it with chocolate? A safe bet, because everyone enjoys it a taste of it now and again (especially when they’re on a pre-holiday diet).

As for the teacher’s chocolate preferences, well, you’ll just have to make an educated guess….

Here’s some sure-fire hits we imagine they’ll gladly consume.

The Finest Bean Mini-Bar Gift Pack

A collection of our finest white, milk and deliciously dark bars, it’s chocolate, but not as they’ll know it. To be enjoyed with a good old-fashioned cup of tea, celebratory

champers, or on their own to truly savour the taste.

The Jewel Box

One of our neat little selection boxes containing a rice crisp nougat, passion fruit fondant, dark chocolate truffle and coffee fudge. Easily shared, if recipient is on said holiday diet.

The Artisan Bars
They’ll be in for a taste explosion that challenges the senses! Choose from our Toasted Pistachios, Pecan & Maple Dream and Pink Everest chocolate bars…and our personal favourite: Knickerbocker Glory. Buy one or two, or all four if you’re feeling generous.

Shop gifts for teachers.

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