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The festive season is laden with treats at every turn, but few are more treasured than the traditional mince pie. In our books, Christmas simply wouldn’t be Christmas without one. Or two. Alright several. Are we right?

Yes. But in days gone by, the mince pie wasn’t the kind we know and love today. Once upon a time, filled with minced lamb, rabbit and game, it was quite the piece de resistance for England’s rich – a delicacy enabled only to those families who could afford the best pastry chefs in the land (if only Mary Berry had bought her baking show to the masses sooner, eh?). And the fruit, spices and alcohol bit came about merely by coincidence – a concoction invented to preserve the mince pie’s meaty being, so as not to cause illness or stomach upset. Cripes! Well, that would be no way to spend Christmas!

While thankfully the recipe may have changed over the years, the frequency in which we indulge in our favourite festive delight hasn’t, much. See? As a general rule, Middle Agers polished off a mince pie every day from Christmas up until Twelfth Night…it was the only way to ensure happiness for the next 12 months, you understand. Golly! Well what would the doctor say? “A mince pie a day…well, that’s just greedy”. Yes. Ahem, never mind…

The long and short of it is that we’re mighty grateful for The Modern Mince Pie! And in equal measures, we advocate scoffing it admirably in this short festive while. So do the honourable thing, and help yourself to our delicious boxes of 6 exquisite mince pies, or 12 minis.

While one should have plenty for himself (that’s a given) make sure you can spare one for Santa too. While the big fella in red will surely be expecting a mince pie to enjoy inbetween present-giving, we’re certain he won’t be expecting one of such quality – a Prestat mince pie, that is. Perhaps do the neighbourly thing and warn next door that Santa will be stopping a while?

Mince pies also make welcome fodder for carol singers who come by the door to spread Christmas cheer (if only to silence them for a minute or two!), and are a warming treat to enjoy with friends after a magical (but draughty!) Midnight mass.

Whether you’re serving Prestat mince pies to guests, or devouring them solitarily, here stand five fancy ways to eat them this year…

- Warm with lashings of brandy butter.
- Hot or not, but iced with an inordinate amount of squirty cream.
- Coupled with an sensationally spicy glass of mulled wine
- Devoured with a dollop rum and raisin icecream on the side.
- Enjoyed with a dot of clotted cream underneath the hat.

Go forth and buy your Prestat mince pies.

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