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For many, the countdown to Christmas has already begun. The clocks are now chiming to British Wintertime…the nights are beginning to draw in…and we’re already wearing our favourite, snug Winter coats.

So, yes – Christmas is a-coming. Hurrah!

But hold your horses a second. Before you dash to the shops to start buying Christmas presents for every Tom, Dick and Harry (you have got until the 24th, after all) there’s something else you should do. Something you should have ready-and-waiting for the first of the month.

We’re talking advent calendars, of course! Advent, by definition: the Christian time of expectant waiting and preparation…(and by our definition: CHOCOLATE). Because what better than a host of edible fancies to build up excitement for the big day? Our thoughts, precisely.

It’s often considered bad taste to blow one’s own trumpet…but our advent calendars really are SPECTACULAR! (There – we did it). In all seriousness, though, how else should we describe 24 of our finest, hand-crafted chocolate truffles to you? And they should be nothing short of special – our chocolatiers have been concocting these cherished recipes for 12 glorious months!

So which scrumptious calendar do you choose?

Well, The Three Kings Advent Calendar really is quite something for your little cherubs. A traditional advent calendar that tells the story of the Nativity through beautiful pictures and heavenly taste. Apart from serving up exceptional chocolate (no sub-standard supermarket imitations here, thank you very much) – the best bit, we’re told by parents, uncles and aunties, grandmas and grandpops, across the land, is that there’s not a single cartoon character in sight!

And for the adults? Our Fire Palace Advent Calendar is the epitome of indulgence – a delight for the senses, and stuffed full of sophisticated flavours. It features *deep breath* orange and frankincense, Earl Grey, coconut snowball, milk nectar, tropical cinnamon, gianduja, pistachio, hazelnut praline, red velvet, sea salt caramel, coconut – and GASP – warm heather honey truffles. Times two, can you believe! But with such decadent chocolates hiding behind each door, we’re obliged to warn you that you just might start dreaming of chocolate, come December…

And once you have your advent calendars bought and bestowed in your humble abode, it’s time to charge ahead with buying your Christmas gift. Start (and end) your search for that perfect present by taking a peek at our wonderful selection of Christmas hampers. From divine parcels to grandiose assortments, and everything in between, we’ll be astonished if there isn’t a chocolate treasure trove suitable for your special someone.

Discover our advent calendars and Christmas hamper collection.

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