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  • The End of Term is nigh.



    It’s the time of year that kids love, and parents simultaneously dread…”holy moly, SIX weeks to keep them busy” we despair, for the umpteenth year running. Yes, we’re talking about that date, mid-July, that has been so ferociously encircled in felt tip marker by your little angel. Since September. The End of Term is nigh. [...]

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  • Prestat does Wedding Favours (and rather fun party games too)



    With wedding season in full swing, yours might be just around the corner – and while you’ll have secured the venue a million moons ago, and bought your dress in (what felt like) another lifetime, can you be sure that you’ve sorted all the small stuff? We’re talking wedding favours. Because, you see, our little boxes of [...]

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  • Gift your Pa some Prestat Chocs



    Set a reminder! It’s time to get a gift for old Pappa. Father’s Day is Sunday 15th June, for goodness sakes…and you know what happened last time. The last-minute dash to the shops? No thank you. But don’t panic! Let’s think clearly about this…what should you delight your deserving dad with? He’ll be gifted the [...]

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