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Wedding invitations. With invitations, come wedding favours




Prestat Wedding FavoursAh, summer. The season of love. The season you can take your nearest and dearest to foreign shores, or less ostentatiously enjoy a British picnic in a beautiful meadow – weather permitting!

For many, summer is the perfect season for matrimony. The heavens themselves are a blessing to your union, each ray of sun illuminating your feeling, each butterfly whispering its consent.

With this in mind, Prestat aims to add its own natural luxury to the mix. While nature is a beautiful, so is chocolate – though we would argue chocolate is as natural and necessary as a cool breeze on a hot day.

With summer come wedding invitations. With invitations, come wedding favours. With wedding planning comes table setting. At Prestat, we have the perfect set of luxury chocolates to adorn your wedding tables.

The mini Marc de Champagne Truffle Ballotine and the Sea Salt Caramel Truffle Ballotine are perfect for table-settings. Our famous Jewel Boxes and, of course, our Heart Assortments would also fit beautifully into the plans of any ceremony. In gold-embossed boxes of bright pink, brilliant blue and seductive red, our hand-made truffles are sure to further brighten the perfect wedding.

Just be careful not to spill the delicious contents anywhere but your mouths. Brides may want luxury on their big day but not on their ivory garments!

View the full range of Prestat’s wedding favours online, or call 0208 961 8555 for more information.

Anthony Lewis- Binns

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