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We are sorry Choxi+ has been discontinued




We are sorry that Choxi+ has been discontinued, which was due principally to a change in EU legislation that bars (forgive the pun) us explaining the presence or possible health benefits of antioxidants in chocolate. Without that ability, we could no longer successfully market the product.

Choxi+ was specifically processed from bean to bar to safeguard the antioxidant content in cocoa. The EU has decided that there is no firm evidence of the health benefits of antioxidants in chocolate, although it does agree that chocolate helps manage healthy blood flow.

Prestat Choxi ChocolateIn light of the demise of Choxi+, it is true that all dark and milk chocolate contains a level of antioxidants that is higher than found in most other foods. As a general rule, the darker the chocolate the higher the presence of antioxidants. It is also true that the less processed the cocoa, the higher the level of antioxidants so: pure cocoa powder will generally be richer in antioxidants than dark chocolate; 80% cocoa content dark chocolate will generally be richer than 60% dark chocolate; and any dark chocolate will generally be richer in antioxidants than any milk chocolate.

In line with EU regulations, I can’t possibly comment on whether you should be eating chocolate as part of healthy balanced diet but I can say that I really like to eat 20g a day of Prestat’s Intensely Dark 80% Bar or Prestat’s Dark & Rich 71% Bar. My apologies, again, for the discontinuation of Choxi+ which was a decision taken with deep regret.”

Although you can still continue to enjoy more great Prestat Chocolate available on our website

Bill Keeling – Managing Director

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