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Say Sorry with Prestat Chocolates




How to bridge the gaps time creates in friendships that are far-flung? Or break the ice when the feelings of anticipation, of desire even, turn to butterflies and uncertainty? What do you do when you’ve done something wrong, disrespectful, or simply made an honest mistake? How do you say sorry?

There are occasions in life when talking doesn’t always cut the mustard. The perfect, if oft-used, homily here is ‘Actions speak louder than words.’

Jewel Box PrestatA box of Prestat chocolates is sure to enchant in even the most awkward of situations. There’s rarely a better way to show you care than by gifting a box of yummy and beautiful Prestat chocolates. The Jewel Box Assortment usually works a treat. Filled with dark, milk and white chocolates and truffles, there is sure to be a flavour that instils forgiveness.

The Heart Box assortment extends affection more than any handshake could. Greet a long-lost friend with the gorgeous pink and gold heart box and the chocolates inside will do the rest.

Discussion over the various flavours that Prestat’s chocolatiers create – crystallised ginger, sea salt caramel, Marc de Champagne, raspberry, honey, frankincense – is sure to break any ice.

If all else fails and sorry isn’t enough after an argument with your partner, then head straight for the Teddy Bear Truffle Box. Only those with a heart of stone would fail to succumb to Pierre Bear.


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