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Prestat’s Yummy Summer Chocolate Sundae Recipe




Prestat Summer Sundae

· 200g of soft vanilla ice cream
· Whipped cream
· Fresh strawberries (feel free to add any other fruit)
· 85g Prestat toasted pistachio bar (feel free to choose any other Prestat bar)
· Pistachios (12 pieces)

Preparation Method

To construct the sundae into a sundae glass, place a layer of Strawberries, followed by layer of ice cream and then break up the toasted pistachio bar into small pieces and layer this on the ice cream. Then repeat the strawberries, ice cream, followed by layer of whipped cream and sprinkle the pistachio pieces and small pieces of the toasted pistachio bar.

Enjoy! Why not experiment with a range of Prestat chocolate.

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