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Prestat Boxes




Diamond Jubilee Box PrestatKitty Arden has designed the Prestat boxes for aeons. The intricate depictions have graced some fine places, from the shelves at Piccadilly’s Princes Arcade, to the bedrooms and halls of Elizabeth the Queen Mother (and many other Royals!)

The Prestat chocolate boxes can hardly be called ‘packaging’; this would be to detract from the art work that goes into them. The boxes have become as famous as the chocolates themselves. Sturdy, they are perfect for keeping once the delights inside have been scoffed. Keep jewellery, keepsakes such as letters from old and new lovers, collectable card and toys, anything you can think of, in the stylish boxes, and you may be hit with the slightest hint of chocolate whenever you open.

Some of the boxes have become signature. The Heart box, filled with delicious assortments of our finest chocolates and Prestat Heart Box Assortmenttruffles, is shocking pink- easy on the eye, hard to forget. Shaped like the romantic heart, it is a winner on Valentine’s Day, or for saying sorry, or for saying how much someone means to you. In more than one size, they make great decorations in a bedroom, fastened to the wall, if you are romantically inclined.

Another firm favourite: The Diamond Jubilee Box. The Queen is in her carriage, hurtling along Prestat-land being pulled by the legendary unicorn and lion of the coat of arms. Mr Pinktights can be seen cheekily manning the horse – search the website for snippets of information on this gentleman!

Which is your favourite Prestat box, and why?


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