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Mother’s Day with Prestat




If you ask anybody who their most cherished person in the world is, the answer is likely to be: Mum. There is something about mums that transcends the more mundane connections people have to individuals. They are the women who brought us into the world, who fed us, cared for us. They are the women who care more than anyone about what we had to eat today, and whether we are getting enough sleep. They are the women who are most likely to be there for any tribulation we might face.

With these things in mind, it is important that at least one day of the year is put aside to celebrate them. They do so much for us, unfailingly and without complaint, that even just Mothering Sunday does not do them justice. If you want to show your own mother just how much you appreciate the love, care and consideration they make available every day of the year, then treat her this Mother’s Day to a gift that goes a considerable distance to showing that: Prestat chocolate.

The perfect Mothers Day GiftAt Prestat, love, care and consideration are put into the making of our delicious hand-made chocolates. There is a focus on luxury and indulgence in our chocolate-making that suits the occasion perfectly.

The Prestat Jewel Box fits the bill. It is filled with an array of carefully-crafted truffles to enliven the taste buds. Milk, dark and white chocolate enrobes a variety that encompasses flavours including ginger, passion fruit, coffee, lime, almond, honey, and of course, champagne. For the young-at-heart mums, there are the Teddy Bear Truffles, which come in a delightful Pierre Bear-shaped box for her to keep any trinkets she may have. Or for those mums who really need to relax, our London Gin truffles allow them a little tipple with a dark chocolate ganache infused with gin and lemon wrapped in white chocolate with a fizz!

All of our chocolates come in expertly designed boxes, courtesy of Kitty Arden, who understands the dictum that the best things come in small packages.

Show your mum just how much she means to you by indulging her with a fantastic Mothers Day gift this year.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Anthony Lewis-Binns.

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