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It’s Valentines at Prestat




It’s that time of year again, when cupid is visible if you squint to the sky, and love and pleasure are tastable if you venture towards Prestat. Give your partner a luscious thrill with our famous heart-shaped Valentines chocolate gift box, filled with delicious dark, white and milk chocolate- enrobed truffles.

There are many ways to tell someone you love them. Gestures on February 14th, the day given to Saint Valentine, have included flowers, meals and of course chocolate, for aeons. Since chocolate is so widely loved all year-round, doing that bit extra to make your gift particularly special is important on the Day of Love.

Valentines Chocolate Heart AssortmentThat’s why Prestat takes such care with its delicate creations. Each truffle is hand-crafted with care, and the depth of flavour in its carefully selected cocoa is matched by the luxurious packaging. Designed by the brilliant Kitty Arden, the boxes are shaped literally lovingly, and are beautifully shocking-pink to fill a room with colour. Once the delights are polished off, the boxes must be kept to store the trinkets given over the years.

Chocolates are a celebratory gift. In the eating, serotonin is released in the brain, filling your body with pleasure hormones. Which explains a lot!

The release of such hormones is similar to how one feels when one’s lover is in sight, and so we believe that the strength of that love should be matched, on Valentine’s Day, with an equally lovely gift.

Not to ruin the surprise of the glorious flavours that await, but with ingredients like passion fruit pulp, vanilla, almonds and stem ginger (for that fiery passion to temper the sweet), you can be sure that your day will be a success with a Valentines gift from Prestat.

Manger heureux, d’amour!

Anthony Lewis- Binns

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