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What do eating Prestat truffles invoke?




Prestat chocolates have a pedigree it is hard to argue with- not one, but two Royal Warrants, a store at Princes Arcade in Piccadilly, not to mention the luxurious taste of the chocolates themselves.

Yet it is not often we get to hear about the delights people think and feel whilst eating a Prestat chocolate – they are consumed, and rightly so, in relaxed settings at home after birthdays, parties, functions and to cap off a tiring day.

I asked a variety of people one simple question after inviting them to eat a chocolate: Tell me what you think of when you eat this chocolate. Whilst some answers are unprintable (who knew chocolate could be so sexy?) here are some of the best responses.

Prestat London Gin TrufflesPrestat London Gin Truffles:

1.)    Mmm, they make me think of sitting in the pub with my grandmother. Wow. And that fizzyness- it’s like being a child again, eating that popping candy. Oooh, can I have another one?

2.)    Mmm ( mmm is a recurring first reaction, which I shall hence leave from describing!) it makes me think of the pub after a long day at work. You can SO taste the gin in it. Can they get you drunk? (my answer would be who knows- why not try?)

3.)    It makes me think of London- they taste like London. I love gin, never tasted it in a chocolate before.

4.)    They make me think’ Can I have the box please? You’ve got loads.’

Prestat Pink Marc de Champagne Chocolate TrufflesPrestat Pink Marc de Champagne Chocolate Truffles:

1.)    Oh wow, they taste so creamy and alcoholic and chocolately- how do you get all that in one chocolate?

2.)    I love champagne….mmm where can I get some? Ooh, let me have another one. The box is cute too, I love pink.

3.)    Oh. My. God. Best chocolate ever, how creamy is that? What’s in it? They feel like the kind of things you would buy for a birthday, for someone special. I would probably eat them all myself though…do you do buy one get one free?

4.)    Sparkly magic love amazing. (Not all responses followed English grammatical rules, but who am I to correct?)

Prestat Banoffee trufflesPrestat Banoffee Truffles:

1.)    They taste like my childhood!

2.)    Wow, there is actual banana and toffee, I can taste it…it’s like a whole pie in one small mouthful….can I have another one?

3.)    It reminds me of when I dropped a banoffee pie off a balcony once…and what I would have tasted if that hadn’t happened. Only better.

4.)    Oh wow, where can I get some of these? Do you do Apple Pie ones as well (Now there is a suggestion!)

Prestat Sea Salt Caramel TrufflesPrestat Sea Salt Caramel Truffles:

1.)    You can really taste the salt. I didn’t think it would go together, but it does, it makes it a bit less sweet…can I ( you can guess the rest of that sentence.)

2.)    Mmm, I didn’t expect the caramel to be so runny, it’s like sweet lava. It makes me think of dancing in the sea with my boyfriend after a picnic.

3.)    It makes me think I don’t ever want to eat another type of chocolate again.

4.)    That’s the strangest, but best chocolate I have ever eaten. I never thought about salt going into chocolate before, but it actually works.

So, thematically, and almost ubiquitously, the truffles gave joy, pleasure, surprise, and warm thoughts to all those who ate them. They reminded people of the past, of treasured family members, of lovers, and of celebration. Little more needs to be said- if you value such simple concepts in life, let Prestat aid you on your way to bliss….

Why not taste them yourself, view our full range of Prestat truffles

Anthony Lewis- Binns

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