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Easter is just around the corner




Easter is just around the corner. The freshness and joy of spring is just around the corner after a cold winter, and Easter in particular is a wonderful marker of good things to come.

Marc de Champagne Truffle Easter EggWith Lent over, the most perfect way to enjoy chocolate eggs this spring is handed to you wrapped in luscious colours by Prestat. In white, milk and dark varieties, our luxury brand aims to delight the taste buds with effortlessly sophisticated flavours.

The Rose and Violet Cream Egg is a favourite in many households. The egg is dark chocolate, filled with delicious rose or violet crèmes. Each truffle has a crystallised petal corresponding to its flavour for that added luxury. The Sea Salt Caramel Egg come with salted caramel truffles, created a unique flavour contrast. Nothing is too sweet when it has a touch of salt for balance.

Or a favourite amongst adults, the Marc de Champagne mini egg set, with its 16 hand-foiled mini eggs, will give the gift of chocolate this Easter a truly celebratory feel.

The inimitable Kitty Arden designed the boxes to be kept. With embossed gold, the egg-themed design take inspiration from the meaning of Easter and spring; the rebirth and renewal phase of life is symbolised by eggs. Keep your treasures and trinkets in the beautiful boxes and add colour to your rooms in a glamorous flourish.

Prestat sources its cocoa from places such as Sao Tome, Ghana and Tanzania, in a process that is truly fair to farmers. We can thus source our ingredients whilst also ensuring the farmers have access to fair trade policies that will benefit them and their families.

So for a guilt-free, luxury treat this Easter, celebrate with one or two Prestat Easter Eggs.

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