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Easter Bunny is usually hopping mad about now




Easter Bunny is usually hopping mad about now. It was that time of year yet again, when languorous nibbling of grass in the sunshine and warm cuddles with Mrs Rabbit had to take a back seat.

Apparently, a biblically old human had had the temerity to be crucified around this time two thousand years ago, and the rest of the blighters now commemorated that with chocolate Easter eggs. Not content with merely eating them, they insisted upon a rabbit to spend weeks hiding them in unlikely places for children to run around finding. Easter Bunny could do without that this year. You could put it to him that working only two weeks out of the year is a good gig. He wouldn’t agree; perennial jobs may seem short, but factoring in the vastness of the task, he may as well have been working all year.Prestat Easter Eggs

He collects his hoards directly from the chocolate factories. Ever mysterious, he likes to remain unseen. Only the factory owners know what he looks like. Some say he is as big as kangaroo, with hopping strides twice as long. He whizzes past at great speed, darting this way and that, ensuring you can only see an outline. What good would hiding Easter eggs be if you could see a giant rabbit loitering in bushes, in car boots, under window sills?
Others claim he is invisible. Easter eggs appear randomly, and a mystical presence is felt, the whiff of carrot smelt, before what feels like a gust of wind assaults the body. Whether this is true can never really be known, but one is sceptical; invisible rabbits? What nonsense.
Easter Bunny’s mood entirely depends on the quality of the chocolate he is handing out. Would you want to be forced out of your contended bliss every year to dish out sugar-infused vegetable oil with a hint of cocoa? Would you mind less if you could give pleasure with an artisan truffle, a rose-petal encrusted chocolate crème, or best, a Marc de Champagne-filled, cocoa-coated delight? The smell more than anything puts Easter Bunny in a good mood. Chocolate needs to be rich, filled with cocoa content, and delicious.
Prestat chocolate might be the cream of the crop, according to Easter Bunny. There is a suspicion that not every Dark Chocolate Easter Egg finds its way to its destination.  If one believes the bunny is a big as a kangaroo, there is a wealth of evidence littered near the warren which points at how he got there.
Beautifully ornate wrapping, pinks, blues and golden hues, mark the warren belonging to the Easter Bunny, if you know where to look. I would not go seeking him out though. Let him be, and you might find yourself treated to a stunning Prestat Easter Egg yourself this year.

Anthony Lewis- Binns

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