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Christmas Wonderland




Prestat Piccadilly Hamper Chocolate 2013The angels are singing, the geese are getting fat, and the holly (and the ivy) is full-grown. That can mean only one thing; Christmas has come again, like a faithful friend to remind us of the pleasures of giving and getting, drinking and eating!

Prestat prepare for Christmas with plenty of time to figure out how best to delight the senses.  The best place to start of course is the traditional Advent Calendar. Prestat’s take on the annual marker shows The Three Kings on their way to Jesus with gifts – check out the art work, courtesy of Kitty Arden. When you’ve finished admiring, inside there’s a panoply of our finest truffles: 24 for your delectation. Behind each door you’ll find a chocolaty, non-alcoholic treat to help you on the way to celebration.

Have you tried our Artisan Chocolate Florentines? A thick chocolate base covered in almonds, fruit peels, melon and honey; a box of these will leave you having to find other biscuits to leave out for Santa, I’m sure. A rumour that Bill didn’t get presents one year after eating the Florentine left out for Father Christmas is yet to be quashed.

Staying with the less chocolatey options, our delicious short-crust pastry mince pies, in packs of six or twelve. If you can stand not to eat them yourself, they make perfect gifts for church functions (try not to sing those carols with your mouth full!)

We also have red and pink Christmas Boxes, depending on your disposition. Snowmen, candles, Christmas trees and Christmas Spirit adorn the box (which must be kept- they are a perfect space to store packs of Christmas cards) whilst inside are many of the Christmas classics- buy some and get all the glory for giving the best selection box there is.Prestat Pink Christmas Box 2013

For your Christmas Pine, you’ll want a selection of our beautifully ornate baubles. In pink and blue, they add splashes of colour to the more traditional Christmas colours, thus standing out on your tree. We say tree, but it was heard on the grapevine that Nick’s fir is often bare after only a few days of decoration with our chocolates. Favourites are the green baubles, with the smiling face of St Nick ( the other one).

No Christmas is complete without stockings. We have Hazelnut Praline truffles in red, Marc de Champagne in green, and Dark Sea Salt Caramel in blue. The stocking-shaped boxes can be hung from the fireplace to add some pizzazz to your decorations, once the contents are eaten.

And lastly, as the nights get ever colder, excitement at the prospect of our wintry festival can wane. The best way to hold off chilly melancholy is with creamy Prestat Hot Chocolate. A range of flavours – dark and light, cinnamon and orange – ensure all are catered for, from the children to grandparents, and all manner of family members, who are no doubt planning their reasons to pop round as we speak!

The first Merry Christmas to all from Prestat!


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