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Chocolate Fruit Fondue Recipe




This lovely chocolate fruit fondue allows you to experience a bit of healthy indulgence which is a rare thing indeed! And is so quick and easy anyone can make it.


•    2 portions of fresh pineapple, strawberries, grapes and melon (feel free to add any other fruit) mixed together
•    60g of Prestat chocolate
•    50ml thick cream flavored with kirsch


•    Wash and dry the fruit, remove any stems and cut the fruit into bit size chunks
•    Now break up the chocolate, and place it in a bowl over a pan of gently boiling water, stirring all the while, until the chocolate is melted
•    Stir the cream into the melted chocolate
•    While keeping the chocolate mixture warm serve the fruit with fondue forks or cocktail sticks

Enjoy! Why not experiment with a range of Prestat Chocolate perfect for recipes or just eating as nature intended, well with a bit of help from our chocolate chefs!

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