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The Best Bar None – Prestat’s New Luxury Chocolate Bars


Product Updates


Given Prestat’s French origins- the first recorded truffle was created by a Frenchman whose descendants founded Prestat in London- it is only fitting that we introduce to you the new, fabulous Prestat Art Deco Luxury Chocolate Bars.

Art Deco first appeared in France in the 1920s and focuses on symmetrical lines and bold colours. The packaging on our brand new bars reflects the stylistically colourful; and stylish mores of the movement. Muted colouring set against our legendary hot pink motifs help to ensure they are chocolate bars to be reckoned with.

But the flavours! We bring to you the Pink Everest: Equatorial dark chocolate is laced with the finest Pink Himalayan Salt. Scale the heights of taste in the only fitting way- salt after all is a rock of sorts in itself, and lends a perfect accompaniment to the bitter dark of the cocoa.

Next we have Tea Time Frolics- that most classic of teas, Earl Grey, poured into velvety milk chocolate with a twist of lemon, bringing high tea to your lips with every bite. Be sure to enjoy this bar with an Earl Grey tea- I hear dipping the bar in as you would a biscuit leads to some tasty explosions.

Gloriously, the Knickerbocker Glory has transported the concept of retro from our attire to our tongues. Passion fruit, meringues, strawberries, almonds- how is it possible that so many delectable flavours marry so well in one bar. Polygamy seemingly only works in chocolate bars. Check out the pink hue of the chocolate, courtesy of the real strawberry pieces. I can’t think of a better way to up your fruit intake. Just check out the colour of that bar- but not for too long- it is crying to be eaten.

Toasted pistachios are perfect for a summer bar. Enveloped in creamy white chocolate, these are perfect alone, or broken into small pieces and scattered into a bowl of rich vanilla ice cream. Or better, coarsely grated over a hot summer berry crumble. It is however optimistic to assume the bars would last that long.

Finally, our Pecan and Maple Dream. Milk chocolate with roasted pecans and a helping of maple syrup together create a creamy, textured chocolaty delight.

Prestat uses only the finest ingredients, producing its chocolates in small batches in a renowned caring way. Farmers of our choice ingredients get a fair deal, meaning you can enjoy these new wonderful flavours utterly guilt-free.

Prestat- The Best Bar None!

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