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  • Prestat’s Yummy Summer Chocolate Sundae Recipe



    · 200g of soft vanilla ice cream · Whipped cream · Fresh strawberries (feel free to add any other fruit) · 85g Prestat toasted pistachio bar (feel free to choose any other Prestat bar) · Pistachios (12 pieces) Preparation Method To construct the sundae into a sundae glass, place a layer of Strawberries, followed by [...]

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  • The Best Bar None – Prestat’s New Luxury Chocolate Bars

    Product Updates


    Given Prestat’s French origins- the first recorded truffle was created by a Frenchman whose descendants founded Prestat in London- it is only fitting that we introduce to you the new, fabulous Prestat Art Deco Luxury Chocolate Bars. Art Deco first appeared in France in the 1920s and focuses on symmetrical lines and bold colours. The [...]

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