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The Prestat Advent Calendar


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Advent calendars, like carol concerts, are one of the signals that Christmas time beckons. They evoke excitement amongst children and adults alike. The seemingly never-ending countdown to Christmas really starts on the day you open the first little window and give yourself a mini-surprise. It makes the bittersweet pain of waiting for Christmas Day that tiny bit easier.

Advent_Calendar_320gOur new Prestat Advent Calendar is beautifully designed by Kitty Arden with ornate pictures of the Three Kings. Sadly for this royal trio, they were a couple of thousand years too early for a cost-effective allegorical Christmas present such as an Advent calendar and had to shell out for actual Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Not that the Prestat Advent Calendar is a poor substitute! The exquisite gold detail on the picture ensures you or your dearest child won’t want to throw it away once Christmas has come. And who would want frankincense and myrrh over such delicious chocolates? They not only have delectable fragrances but you can eat them as well as smell them!

Twenty-four artisan truffles enrobed in dark, milk and white chocolate wait behind their respective doors. If, like me, you struggle to limit yourself to one door a day, think about the flavours while trying to defer your gratification: Milk Nectar, Ginger Fire, Sea Salt Caramel and more. These are all alcohol free, so indulge your children as well as yourself. The countdown to Christmas begins now…

Anthony Lewis-Binns.

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