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Why Chocolates make the Perfect Valentine’s Gift




Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like chocolate? Think hard. Perhaps because of the staggering variety of chocolate on offer, there isn’t a person left in the world who wouldn’t melt at the thought of silky brown sweetness going molten on the tongue. Milk chocolate, and dark. Mint chocolate, chocolate and nuts. Truffles, hot cocoa. Luxury is something we are all inclined to seek, and chocolate can be the simplest yet most effective way of finding it.

Heart Box Assortment 185gThe advent of globalisation has helped ensure that food tastes have developed and become more sophisticated over the years. Prestat, with its focus on luxury, artisan and hand-made goods, has been at the forefront of chocolate innovation for over a century. The combined weight of the knowledge that chocolate is both universally adored, and able to fulfill a ‘foodie’ desire for sophistication in eating, means that Prestat is the best place to peruse when considering the consumate Valentine’s gift.

When one thinks of Valentine’s Day, images of indulgence, love, and desire come to mind. It is no coincidence that giving chocolates as gifts around these times is par for the course, as second- nature as thinking to buy a card. The juxtaposition of chocolate with emotion is primal. Chocolate cheers the soul. It signals loving thoughts.

Chocolate is a gateway to celebration, to relaxation, to happiness. Scientific study proves the eating of it releases seratonin into the body, elevating the mood. It contains naturally- occuring flavanols, which help fight off free-radicals in the body which cause cell damage. Imagine a chocolate which contains more antioxidants than a bowl of blueberries, such as one from the Prestat Choxi+ range. Buying a box of chocolates for your Valentine can thus be thoughtful and guilt- free.

It can also be ethical. Prestat is committed to ensuring the growers of their ingredients receive fair prices. Take a look at the fair trade policy on the website for more information on why a gift of Prestat chocolate to a loved one has a beneficial corollary effect in places where the ingredients originate from. Show a little love for the world on Valentine’s Day too.

To make a gift of chocolate truly special, the small details matter. Aside from the taste, which is of course paramount, presentation can make the difference between a good gift and a great one. Prestat chocolates come in ornate, bright boxes, with art design that reflects the quality of the chocolates within. Not merely binned the moment the jewels are finished (and this moment comes frighteningly quickly), these boxes, designed by Kitty Arden, can be kept to store treasures, or for simple decorative purposes.

Show someone you love how much they mean to you with our Prestat Heart Assortment.

Anthony Lewis- Binns

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