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Some Children Do ‘Av ‘Em




561-Mother-Child-BlogUnlike vast numbers of events on the calendar, one cannot be accused of rampant commercialism, for everyone feels precisely the same about Mother’s Day. Its necessity and ubiquity speaks for itself. Dates may alter, but all around the world, there is a desire to mark the relationship between mother and child. From Britain to Jamaica, from Nepal to Afghanistan, from Panama to Slovakia, Mother’s Day transcends individual cultures.

The reasons for this are multifarious. It is said there is no stronger bond than that between mother and child, and this is probably correct. If one is lucky, one has a handful of people in a lifetime who always have one’s own best interests at heart. There is inherent trust in a person who will act for you over themselves, give sound advice, and be there to listen and to comfort. This is borne out of love, which I’m graciously told is unconditional. The unconditional nature of such love doesn’t mean that it can be ignored, left un-nurtured, and be forgotten about (unless you are a teenager, seemingly.) Celebrating one day out of the year the gift of parenthood is the smallest price to pay for such levels of protection.

Though it need not be said, none of us would be here without the women who carried us for nine months, nursed us, read to us, clothed us. No child asks to be born, though I’m sure, endowed with the ability to speak and a higher level of consciousness, any foetus would squall a resounding ‘yes’ to the question ‘Fancy being born?’ Once in the world and defenceless, we all relied on the love and protection of parents to get us safely on the way to adulthood. Fathers obviously share in this burden- for it is a burden to be ultimately responsible for another sentient being- but we can get to Father’s Day another time!

The bond, looked at from nature’s perspective, can be ferocious. Stray too close to an animal such as a bear with cubs, and you would be lucky to escape with your life. Nature is red in tooth and claw, in part because of the Darwinist imperative to ensure the survival of offspring.

But how to reciprocate some of all that giving? Prestat chocolates are always a thrilling gift, because of the extra care and attention that is paid to the act of gifting. Buying chocolates is not just about the eating. Well, it can be. But investing thought and care into a gift is what makes said gift special. The Prestat Jewel Box contains an assortment of chocolates which lends itself to the variety of ways in which a mother cares for her children. The champagne truffles can be a microcosm for the celebration of motherhood on this particular day. The heart assortment, in the classic heart- shaped box, transforms itself from the romantic love of Valentine’s, to the familial love of Mother’s Day in a heartbeat. Prestat chocolates are made with the best ingredients, and the best we can give is what is required for our mothers. Health as well as indulgence can be accounted for with the Choxi+ range, with its abundance of flavanols.

Importantly, the boxes can be kept as keepsakes because of how well- designed they are. They are decorative enough to be ornamental and sturdy enough to be practical. Buying a Mother’s Day gift from the Prestat range is a way of showing, more so than with generic boxes of chocolates, that you understand the depth of feeling that exists between mother and child, and want to mark the occasion with style and panache. It will delight, and be treasured. It shows how much you care.

A happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world, and for perfect Mothers Day chocolates visit Prestat

Anthony Lewis- Binns


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