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Roald Dahl-ing of Prestat




roald-dahlOne of the most celebrated writers in both adult and children’s literature, Roald Dahl was born on 13th September 1916. After serving the country in the Second World War, he took to writing novels which captivated people of all ages. His imagination was incredible – broad, witty and subversive. Every child you meet knows the stories, such as The Twits, Matilda, The Witches, and of course, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Dahl’s tale of a small boy who wins a golden ticket into the magical word of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory was popular enough to have been adapted into film twice. The factory, shrouded in mystery, is opened up to the winners of five Golden Tickets, who happen to be archetypal children who provide morality tales for youngsters, which pleases adults to read too.

Dahl had a fascination with chocolate that went beyond Charlie and co. In his adult novel My Uncle Oswald, the titular character discovers the world’s most powerful aphrodisiac, and infuses it in to our very own Prestat truffles! He referred to Prestat as ‘the great chocolatiers of Oxford Street’, and in his autobiographical recipe book, wrote ‘I also adore so-called truffles as Prestat makes them’.

Having so inspired one of the world’s most famous writers with our luxury handmade delights, it is only right that we reciprocate the inspiration. Our Prestat shop, in Piccadilly’s Princes Arcade, is a colourful feast for the eyes, reminiscent of the description of Willy Wonka’s bright and magical chocolate factory, complete with bright colours, artful boxes, and the smell of luxurious chocolate in a variety of wonderful flavours. The blog also occasionally contains a short chocolate-themed story, recognising, like Dahl, that chocolate inspires the imagination and mind as much as it does the taste buds.

Enjoy Prestat chocolates with a trip down memory lane, by re-reading one of your favourites.

Anthony Lewis- Binns

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