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Prestat Christmas Gift Ideas




With Christmas fast approaching, there isn’t a great deal of time left to organise all the things that make it such a wonderful occasion. There are the food, the decorations, the parties and, of course, the presents to think about. That is where Prestat comes in.

We have a range of beautifully presented chocolaty treasures to delight your friends and family, work colleagues and business associates alike. Adored by royalty, literati and the sort of celebrities you’d like to be seen with, Prestat chocolates make a fabulous gift.

Christmas Gift Ideas - Prestat Advent_CalendarWe have our Christmas Marc de Champagne Truffle Stocking Box. Delicious chocolate truffles made from one of our oldest recipes with a hundred-year pedigree nestle inside a miniature stocking box. It’s time to upgrade from the darned sock with an orange and a lump of coal inside.

Then there are the cinnamon-infused Milk Chocolate Wafers, which evoke the taste of Christmas with each bite. We have our Dark Hot Chocolate box for sheer indulgence before bed on these dark and cold nights. Our celebrated Jewel Box is one of our most popular selections with its range of flavours and its beautiful design courtesy of the wonderful Kitty Arden.

One of the special things about Prestat chocolates is that the boxes are meant to be kept, rather than thrown out. After the Christmas binge is over, you can put your other Christmas gifts inside the Prestat box. That is to say, eat your Jewel Box chocolates, then fill the box with real jewels of the non-edible kind!

For the full range of specially- selected Christmas gift ideas, http://www.prestat.co.uk

And remember: Christmas is not all about stress, panic and buying. It just feels that way sometimes. Indulge yourself, too. It’s nearly here.

Anthony Lewis- Binns.

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