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Prestat and Royalty




Prestat Royal WarrantWhat a weekend! With bunting galore and several million Union Jacks, the whole nation must have looked red, white and blue from Space. Those of us with clear heads after the excess of champagne and song will never forget the Thames pageant, the concert at the palace or the beautiful service at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Our wonderful designer Kitty Arden was responsible for the gorgeous flowers on the Queen’s pageant barge although we have yet to hear the secret of how they were secured to the railings to avoid being swept away in the somewhat-blustery conditions.

We suspect that Kitty may have been stealing hatpins from unsuspecting guests as the Beaufort scale hit eight by tempting them with chocolates from our Diamond Jubilee Chocolate boxes that accompanied the barge on its trip. A Sicilian Key Lime truffle must be worth at least 10 hatpins!

With the celebrations coming to a close, may we thank The Queen and her family for a truly fabulous Diamond Jubilee. Long may she reign over us!


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