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10 Intriguing Chocolate Facts




prestat-shop-photo1.) The name ‘ Cacao’ is Mayan for God food. The cocoa bean was considered a divine gift in the ancient civilisation. Perhaps the Mayans really did have powers of prophecy, given that Prestat chocolates are also considered divine gifts.

2.) 66% of cocoa is produced in Africa. Lots of our beans come from countries such as Ghana, where chocolate isn’t eaten- it is too valuable as a trade commodity.

3.) Perhaps a statistic without empirical foundation, twice as many women as men eat chocolate. I have tested the theory, and when I pull out a box of Prestat truffles, they are pounced upon by boys and girls alike.

4.) The biggest chocolate structure ever made was a 4,484lb, 10 foot tall, Easter egg, made in Melbourne Australia. Reports that it was for a giant Queen are erroneous.

5.) 7 billion chocolate chips are eaten annually. Chocolate chips are small chunks of chocolate often used in cooking- to make cookies, notably.

6.) Almost half of the world’s chocolate is consumed in America. See fact 5.

7.) A single chocolate chip can produce enough energy for a human to walk 150 feet. How far could you walk after eating 7 billion? Answers on a postcard!

8.) The chocolate truffle is recorded as first being created in Chambery, France, in December 1895 by the Dufours. Antoine Dufour was a founder of Prestat. Our Marc de Champagne truffles are one of the oldest (and finest) truffle recipes.

9.) It is likely that Roald Dahl was inspired in his writing of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory by Prestat truffles, of which he says, “ I also adore so-called truffles as Prestat makes them.”

10.) The average commercial dark chocolate contains about 60 percent cocoa and has been found to contain 536 milligrams of flavonoids per 1.4-ounce serving. From December 2012 we won’t be able to tell you this useful fact thanks to an EU edict!

Anthony Lewis- Binns

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